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Visit the Auditor's Property Search you will be redirected to a site outside of the County website.

Search for a Specific Property
To find out tax information and other information on a specific property, you can look up the information from the Auditor's website.

Search by Owner's Name
Enter the last name first, followed by a space, followed by the first name or initial, example Smith John. Do not use a comma between the last name and the first name. The search will use the character string from left to right; therefore, the last name or just the first few letters can be entered.

Search by Parcel ID Number
Enter the Parcel ID Number, example 530010001000, no dashes or spaces are needed. Partial Entries are allowed. Partial entries must be at least three characters long.

Search by Street Address
Fields must be entered without punctuation, example market, street designations such as ST and Road are not necessary. If the house number is unknown you can put in a range or leave it blank, the entry can be simply market, however, all properties located on market will be returned as potentials.

Search by Sales
Searches can be performed using more than 1 parameter. Sale price, sale date, year built, square feet, number of stories and/or number of bedrooms.