How does someone obtain a JCPO?
The JCPO begins with an individual (called the Petitioner), filing a written document called a Petition with the Clerk of Court. The Petitioner asks that the Court order another person (called the Respondent), to stay away. The completed form must be signed by the Petitioner in the presence of a Notary or Deputy Clerk of Court.
*A blank copy of a JCPO Petition is available under Forms, as well as the Ohio Supreme Court Instructions for filing a JCPO, or a copy may be obtained at the Clerk of Court.

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1. What is a JCPO?
2. Who is able to request a JCPO?
3. How does someone obtain a JCPO?
4. What happens after the Petition is filed?
5. What happens in the hearing?
6. How does the Clerk of Court/Sheriff locate the Respondent in a JCPO case?
7. What if the JCPO is denied?
8. When is the JCPO effective?
9. My protection has been violated. What should I do?