How do I plea into FDTC?
A referral is made either by the Children Services Board (CSB) or the Judge. In most cases CSB is involved with the family and/or an individual has been charged with Endangering or Contributing. Once a referral is made, a potential participant is required to obtain a drug and alcohol assessment and undergo a Mental Health Evaluation. The FDTC staff then decides whether or not the person is appropriate for the program.

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1. What is Family Dependency Treatment Court?
2. How do I plea into FDTC?
3. How long will I be in FDTC?
4. If I plea into FDTC, does that guarantee I will receive custody of my child(ren)?
5. Will I be required to take drug/alcohol tests throughout the program?
6. Is there a fee to participate?
7. Since I plea into the program voluntarily, can I choose to leave the program the same way?